Sony Announces Acquisition of Haven Studios; Studio Working on “AAA Multiplayer Experience”

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Sony has announced another major acquisition today for its PlayStation Studios family, as Canadian developer Haven Studios officially join their fray! As part of the acquisition, the studio, led by industry veteran Jade Raymond, also announced their first game under the banner, which is a “AAA multiplayer experience.” Check out the official announcement below, relayed via an official post over on PlayStation Blog.

Here’s the official announcement from Helman Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios:

Today, I’m delighted to announce that Haven Studios is officially joining PlayStation Studios! Jade Raymond brings a wealth of experience from her industry achievements and an infectious passion for creating games, and the leadership team at Haven is an equally impressive group of industry veterans who have collaborated on some of the biggest and most beloved games and franchises that many of us still enjoy today.

As for the studio’s first project, here are some of the first details straight from Jade Raymond:

We’ve made amazing progress in a short time thanks to our talented, passionate team and their exceptional contributions. We established a culture at Haven grounded in kindness, adaptability and courage that unlocks creativity. Our first new IP for PlayStation is on track to deliver a AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a systemic and evolving world focused on freedom, thrill, and playfulness that will keep players entertained and engaged for years.

Sony’s acquisition of Haven Studios is their first foray into Canadian territory of games development. Raymond, before Haven, was best known for setting up Ubisoft Toronto and EA’s Motive Studios, and was also involved in Google’s previous attempts at internal games development.

In other news relating to Sony, the publisher has since halted both hardware and software sales in Russia due to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. You can read all about it and more here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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