Sony “Announces” PlayStation: The Board Game

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Have you ever felt that PlayStation 4 games were too interactive? Or maybe the graphics were too good? Maybe you wanted to try something a little more slower in pace? If the answers to those are a yes, then Sony has a new product just for you! Introducing the PlayStation: The Board Game!

Announced via the official PlayStation Asia Facebook page, check out the full “announcement” below.

playstation board game

Ever wished your PlayStation gaming experience was a little less digital and a whole lot more analog?

With all new non-animated graphics and zero AI, PlayStation: The Boardgame will let you experience the mild thrills of moving game pieces on cardboard. Who needs a headset when you can just shout angrily at your friends across the table?

PlayStation: The Board Game features:

– A non-4K resolution gameboard
– Pens and paper to draw your own trophies
– Rulebooks. Six of them, in fact!
– Intense local multiplayer action for up to 4 players
– Large and small dice. So many dice!

Look out for PlayStation: The Board Game: The Video Game coming soon!

As one can already surmise, this is an April Fool’s joke. It might not be April 1 yet in the US, but it is in Asia! Truth be told, I might even give this a go if it was real just for the experience.

Stay tuned and watch out for more parody posts from a lot of video game companies tomorrow!

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