Sony Bend Studio New Game Confirmed to Be a New IP, New Logo Unveiled

Sony Bend Studio New Game

Bend Studio, the developers of games like Days Gone and Uncharted: Golden Abyss have unveiled a new logo! In the post, the developers detailed how the new logo would properly reflect their future as a studio, while also being able to be stylized for each project’s tone. However, fans of the studio will also be excited to know that the blog post gave a small hint regarding Sony Bend Studio’s new game.

Fans have been waiting to hear about Sony Bend Studio’s new game after it was revealed that their pitch for Days Gone 2 was denied by Sony. The blog post is light on details but confirms that the studio’s next project is an entirely new IP. The developers also mention that the game will iterate on the open-world technology and design established in Days Gone while introducing multiplayer elements. Unfortunately, there is no indication or clue of how long it will be until they will have more information to share with players. 

With how diverse the studio’s portfolio is it seems that Bend Studio’s new project could be nearly anything. However, they have displayed a penchant for third-person shooters, so it seems likely that it will be an open-world third-person shooter of some kind. Hopefully, this will help it satisfy fans that would love a sequel to Days Gone while also appealing to new players as well. 

Source: Playstation Blog

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