Sony Now Allowing Users to Change PlayStation Store Region in Select Countries

psn store new section

Well, here’s an unexpected surprise: a change PlayStation Store region feature is now live for users in selected countries. Reddit user AlphaFoxWare shared this bit of news, though judging from other users, this feature is only available in specific countries.

Here’s what it looks like in the console’s menu:

Users can navigate through it by going to the PlayStation Store, checking the right side for the “Store Region” section, where they’ll see this screen and drop down menus:

It looks like this feature only has EU countries for now, and it’s uncertain whether it’ll show up for other regions as well , though it’s highly unlikely

Reddit user NixTrix27 who’s from India, which falls under the EU region, confirms that this option isn’t available for now.

For those who created their main PSN profile in another country but want something more in tune and accessible in their own language, this is a godsend. Can you access this menu? Let us know which country you’re from and if this is working for you.

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