Sony to Loan Out PS5 Development Kits to Indie Game Publishers

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Sony revealed yesterday, on July 26, that it will be loaning out PlayStation 5 consoles to indie developers. The newly announced PlayStation Indies: Development Hardware Loan Program will allow recently-licensed PlayStation game publishers and developers to receive one PS5 development kit and one PS5 testing kit.

Greg Rice, Head of PlayStation Creators said:

“It is our continued goal to make PlayStation the best place to publish and play games of all shapes and sizes. Over the past couple of years, we have been thrilled to support our external publishing partners with features in Indie Spotlight events, indie montage videos on our social channels, dedicated space for PlayStation Indies on, and have been working to reduce the time it takes to get a new developer on-boarded on PlayStation.”

The goal behind this new initiative is to make PlayStation the best place to play and publish games of all sizes. Sony says that new voices, new ideas, and new experiences from the game development industry are eligible for this new program and they can sign up through this link.

Sony also highlights how they want to lower the barrier of entry to the game industry and improve the process of publishing for PlayStation consoles. However, since this program is a ‘loan’, it is unclear if the developers will be able to keep these development kits, or may have to pay Sony back in some way or another.

There is also a list of supported countries and regions that may register to be a PlayStation partner that you can check out over here. PlayStation says that once the developers have completed the registration, their team will contact you regarding the terms and conditions of the loan.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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