Sony’s Yoshida on the SOCOM Franchise, “It’s Not Done.”

Last March, Sony Computer Entertainments closed the doors of studio Zipper Interactive, developers behind SOCOM and MAG. Since then, many fans of the SOCOM series have been curious whether or not the franchise will continue. SCE boss, Shuhei Yoshida took the time to comment on this matter.

“It’s not done. We never definitely retire any franchise. It’s sometimes great to have a fresh look at the classics that we have,” he told the Official Playstation Magazine in its latest issue, as posted on the PlayStation Forums.

Though, yes, this is a confirmation that the series is indeed not dead, this does not however confirm in anyway that we will be seeing another SOCOM title anytime soon. This can be shown further in his discussion with OPM about the upcoming Sly Cooper title.

“We are launching a new Sly Cooper game this year after so many years. Never say never. I feel sorry for people who are longtime SOCOM fans, and there are many people who still play SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2, especially those seem to be their favorites.”

I for one would love to see the series continue, though SOCOM 4 wasn’t exactly up to par with past SOCOM titles. Would you guys like to see Sony re-create SOCOM 1 through 3 in an HD Collection?

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