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PlayStation Multiplayer Franchises We Want Revived on PS5 News 4

News 4 Following the PS5’s specs reveal last week, it seems Sony is slowly unraveling the essentials when it comes to the next-gen console. Of course, we know that regardless of how powerful a console is, it’s nothing without the right games. Given we’re a multiplayer-centric publication, we’re here to list down some of the PlayStation multiplayer […]

SOCOM Confrontation, SOCOM 4 and MAG Servers Shutting Down Early Next Year News 27

News 27 While we aren’t sure how many are still playing these titles, Sony today announced that all three titles will be having their multiplayer servers shut down at the end of January of next year. Advisory: Online multiplayer services for MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will be ending on 01/28/14 — PlayStation (@PlayStation) July 16, […]

Sony’s Yoshida on the SOCOM Franchise, “It’s Not Done.” News 64

News 64 Last March, Sony Computer Entertainments closed the doors of studio Zipper Interactive, developers behind SOCOM and MAG. Since then, many fans of the SOCOM series have been curious whether or not the franchise will continue. SCE boss, Shuhei Yoshida took the time to comment on this matter. “It’s not done. We never definitely retire any franchise. It’s sometimes […]

Sony Shuts Down Zipper Interactive, Makers of SOCOM and MAG News 13

News 13 Sony has confirmed to GameInformer that Zipper Interactive is no longer under the PlayStation label. After a few weeks of rumors and speculation, one of the most prolific multiplayer developers has closed doors. The official statement reads, “Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm the closure of Zipper Interactive, a Seattle-based internal game development studio that has been part of […]