Soulcalibur V to Be Delisted From Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Stores on June 19

soulcalibur v delisted

Soulcalibur V, the fifth fighting game title in Bandai Namco and Project Soul’s Soulcalibur series, will be delisted from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 stores this June 19. Both the base game and the DLCs associated with SC5 will no longer be available for purchase from these platforms after the aforementioned date.

The official Soulcalibur Twitter account recently announced the delisting of the title:


Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to play the game anymore after it’s been delisted. Owners of the disc version of the game will still be able to play Soulcalibur V, and users who have already downloaded the digital version of the game should similarly have access to SCV for as long as it’s installed on their devices. If you haven’t bought the game yet and are considering trying it out, you may want to pick it up and download it before June 19.

Soulcalibur V was released way back in 2012, with the most recent series entry in Soulcalibur VI following six years later in 2018.

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3 months ago

Soul Calaliber is my favorite fighting game, i actually got the Soul Calaliber 5 Collectors Edition for $15 at Gamestop. That’s unfortunate that digital is being delisted and the additional content. I always like using Maxi, unfortunately im not the best player.

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