Sperasoft Collaborating With 343 Industries in Halo Infinite Development

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While we already know long-time Halo studio 343 Industries is hard at work on Halo Infinite, it seems the game going open world warranted some help from the studio, as it’s been anounced today that Sperasoft is helping with Halo Infinite development duties!

In a press release, Sperasoft (Saints Row The Third Remastered) announced that they are contributing to the game’s content across multiple development mandates, and are working closely with 343 Industries. Here’s what Denis Larkin, Chief Commercial Officer at Sperasoft had to say about the partnership:

It’s an honor to contribute to the most famous FPS series in the world and to support the next generation of the Halo franchise. Ourdevelopment teams are thrilled with our 343 Industries collaboration on the anticipated upcoming release: Halo Infinite.

More hands on deck should be welcome news to Halo fans given how Halo Infinite is the first entry in the series that’s going open world. That, and how 343 has mentioned how the camapign in Infinite is “several times larger” than the last two Halo campaigns put together.

In other Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries has announced that the Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play and will run at 120 frames-per-second! There’s also no confirmation of a beta, though 343 is hopeful for one.