Splatoon 3 Fan Spends $3500 to Join Nintendo Shareholder Meeting to Complain About Splatoon 3 Customization

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According to Twitter user NStyles, who attended the Nintendo shareholder meeting, a Splatoon 3 fan disrupted the shareholder Q&A session to rant about the disparity between male and female characters customization options.

The fan was “loud” and unhappy about the difference between the number of customization options available for male and female characters. Twitter user Haruikatako claimed to be that person and revealed that he purchased $3,500+ (¥512,000) worth of Nintendo shares just to attend the meeting and voice his complaint as Nintendo has been “ignoring his letters” about the severe lack of male emotes, poses, and more.

Since Nintendo ignored his letters, the fan hoped to try a more “direct” approach by buying Nintendo shares to attend the shareholders meeting and state his rant over there. Obviously, it was costly, but it did not stop him as he sold his console to raise money.

Here’s the full statement and Tweet by Twitter user Haruikatako (translated from Japanese):

At the Nintendo shareholders’ meeting, I complained about the current cold treatment of Splatoon boys (commanders, high-color city emotes, etc.)!

Halfway through, I was told, “There are other people I want to ask…”, so the second half took a lot longer than planned, but I managed to tell them! 

I’ve sent letters to Nintendo many times, but they didn’t seem to improve.

When I bought stocks, I was always short of tens of thousands of dollars, and my parents asked me not to get involved in consumer finance.

As soon as I bought 40,000 organic EL type Switch with a credit card, I immediately sold it to GEO for 25,000 to raise money.

I have been told many things, I’ve been really hurt by Boy’s cold shoulders and I’ve seen other people feel the same way.

That’s why I did it with the regret of doing it rather than the regret of not doing it.

Also, the 551 meat bun I bought at Kyoto Station on the way home was delicious.

During the rant, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa intervened and said that the question was too lengthy, asking the fan to get to the point. However, the fan ignored him and continued with his rant. After the fan concluded, Furukawa responded, “Thank you for your interest in playing our game. We appreciate your opinion.”

Say whatever you want, but that sure is one determined fan. We can only hope that Nintendo will now work to diminish the customization options disparity between male and female characters in Splatoon 3.

Source: Twitter (via NStyles)

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