Report: Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Details Leaked, Available Maps, Modes, File Size & More

In case you didn’t know, the Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta is almost upon us! Set to roll out this October on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, those who pre-ordered will be able to play it starting October 4, with the beta being available to everyone just two days after on October 6.

While DICE has been quiet regarding the beta, a lot of new details have surfaced courtesy of Reddit user Some_Info. Brief background on why this specific redditor’s posts weigh more than others: he/she was able to leak a bunch of things about Battlefront II before E3’s big press conference, Some_Info was also able to share Battlefront II space battles info before EA revealed them officially at gamescom.

Now that’s out of the way, he/she is now back with Battlefront II beta details. 

  • The beta will have three maps: Galactic Assault on Theed (40 players), Starfighter Assault on Fondor (24 players), Strike on Takodana.
  • Offline mode Skirmish will also be available and contain solo, split-screen and co-op gameplay for two players.
  • Available Heroes during the beta will be the same ones we saw at EA’s EA Play event at E3. 
  • A new vehicle called the “LAAT gunship” will be present in the beta, but it’s suggested that it’ll be on a predetermined flight path and cannot be controller by players.
  • Size of the beta is expected to be 14-16GB.
  • Five to nine emotes will be available for soldiers.
  • Players will be able to earn credits and collect Star Cards, but all progress will be wiped once the beta is done.
  • The Battlefront II beta graphics will be further improved compared to the E3 build.

Once we know more official details about the Battlefront II beta, we’ll be sure to let you know. Bear in mind that none of these are official, so don’t be surprised if some things change.

Are you excited about the beta? What are you expecting from it?

Source: WCCFTech

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