Star Wars: Battlefront II Hero Videos and Images Hidden From Website Unearthed

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While we’ve already revealed a ton of Star Wars Battlefront II info based on the beta, there’s a lot more to take in before the game officially launches in November 17. Now for those who can’t get enough, there’s a lot more info that got outed today, and by EA’s very own website.

Courtesy of the Star Wars Battlefront II subreddit (user Krennis), we see the hero FPO (placement, positioning) images of Boba Fett, Yoda, Lando and more! Not only that, but we even see brief snippets of gameplay too! To make it more complete, we added brief gameplay looks of the other Heroes as well. Check out the images and videos below in the slideshow (just hit the arrows to go to the next slide without needing to reload the page).


[tps_title]Boba Fett[/tps_title]