Star Wars Battlefont II Loot Crate Opening – Here’s the First Boxes You’ll Open in the Beta

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When you boot up the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, you’ll immediately gain access to a few loot crates even without playing a single game. Think of it as a freebie to get you going in your quest to rid the world of the Empire (or the Rebellion).

Fortunately for us, we managed to get in the Star Wars Battlefront II beta early! You can check out what we managed to dig up in our first loot crates that we got! Spoiler warning: I don’t get anything good or great.

Stay tuned for a lot more Battlefont II beta coverage here on MP1st! We have hands-on impressions, video overview of each class and lots more. 

Have you played the Star Wars Battlefront II beta yet? What did you manage to get in your first few crates? Don’t forget, you’ll earn a “Founder’s Crate” for participating in the beta that will carry over to the final game.