Star Wars Battlefront 2 PvE Gameplay Featuring Clone Commando First Look

star wars battlefront 2 pve gameplay

Just a few days ago, we posted the updated Star Wars Battlefront 2 2019 roadmap, and in it, some of the new stuff coming later this year is a PvE (Player vs Enemy) mode for the shooter. If you’re curious how it looks or plays, here’s your chance to watch some Star Wars Battlefront 2 PvE gameplay featuring the Clone Commando.

Per DICE, here’s some of the stuff you can expect from the Clone Commando:

Clone Commando

Together Brother

As one of the most elite forces within the Grand Army of the Republic, the Clone Commandos would come to be respected by allies and feared by enemies. With conflict raging across the galaxy, the Republic organized the Commandos into squads who quickly became a pivotal resource in the ongoing war effort against the Separatists.


The ability to switch from blaster to grenade provide the Clone Commando with a great deal of versatility, allowing him to adapt to the situation ahead of him. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now and the arrival of the Clone Commando is almost upon us. We think you’re going to absolutely love playing as them.

Grenade time

For added cool factor you’ll also see your Commando making the change from primary fire to grenade himself. In addition, we’ve added all the necessary animations to ensure we stay as close to the source material as possible.

Primary Weapon: DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle

Left Ability: Anti-Armor Attachment
Reconfigures the DC-17m into a grenade launcher that fires up to three small grenades, with high efficiency against vehicles and shields.

Right Ability: Repulsor Blast
Discharges a short-range shockwave that temporarily disorients enemies and knocks them back.

Middle Ability: Battle Focus
Activates a damage protection aura for the Commando and nearby allies. Additionally, any damage the Commando deals to enemies replenishes his base health.

As for the PvE mode called Instant Action, players can expect it to be released sometime in September.

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