Star Wars Battlefront 2 September 2019 Calendar Revealed

star wars battlefront 2 september 2019 calendar

While we’ve already posted the Star Wars Battlefront 2 2019 roadmap, DICE has today revealed what’s coming to the game within the month, and there’s a lot! For the Star Wars Battlefront 2 September 2019 calendar, there’s an event happening every week!

Sept. 6-8:

Battle Point Event – Reinforcements and Vehicles  (Reinforcements and vehicles will be available in Galactic Assault and Capital Supremacy for 75% off their normal cost).

Sept. 13-15:

Battle Point Event – Boots on the Ground (No heroes or vehicles will be coming to aid you in this weekend’s Battle Point Event for Galactic Assault and Capital Supremacy).

Sept. 20-22:

Battle Point Event – No Match for a Good Blaster (Last month we introduced a newevent with “Elegant Weapons.”  This month, take Han Solo’s advice and trust in your blaster with the “No Match for a Good Blaster” event).

Sept. 25:

Game Content – Cooperation Update (This update arrives on the 25th and brings with it two new game modes; Co-OP and Instant Action. Also arriving this month is the planet of Felucia and the Clone Commando Reinforcement).

Sept. 27-29:

Triple XP Event – Co-Op (Celebrate the release of the Co-Op with a full weekend of TRIPLE XP in the new game mode. Grab 4 of your friends and face off against enemy AI in the Clone Wars for a heroic co-op adventure).

Not a bad month for Battlefront 2 players, no?

In other Battlefront 2 news, DICE says that the player base is rising month after month after the Geonosis update. This is good news, as the studio also mentioned that they hit “rock bottom” due to the loot box controversy.

Source: Reddit

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Michael van Niekerk
Michael van Niekerk
4 years ago

Yay! Instant Action!
Only took them 2 f**king years!

Edit: And still gets delayed regularly

4 years ago

Every game should have online co op. It’s just fun playing with your buddies without all the toxic bullshit from MP.

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