DICE: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Player Base Rising Month After Month After Geonosis Update

star wars battlefront 2 player base

Released back in November 2017, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is one of those rare games that (arguably) got better after more than a year after it launched. Amid the controversy surrounding the game before it launched, it’s understandable that it wasn’t as well received by players as DICE might have hoped, and thus, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 player base suffered.

For those wondering when the game managed to turn things around, it’s when the Battle of Geonosis update hit back in November 2018 — at least according to DICE. In an interview conducted at gamescom, DICE Design Director of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Dennis Brannvall,

Q: Did you see the player base grow after some of the newer updates?Like after releasing your updates and after launch, did you see the Star Wars Battlefront 2 player base grow?

Dennis Brannvall: Prior to the Battle of Geonosis update last year, we were shrinking or stabilizing, and ever since we’ve seen a healthy growth month by month. I know the people are getting tired of it, and there’s going to be new stuff, but it was really…it’s been our saving grace for sure.

You can watch it below at around the 6:10 mark in the video.

For those playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, did you notice the player base growing or did it become smaller this year?

In other Battlefront 2 news, DICE says they’ve hit rock bottom after the loot box controversy surrounding the game, though player sentiment is now rising according to the studio. If you’re interested in some of the content headed to the game, check out the updated roadmap here.

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  1. I can tell there is a lot of players today, not sure what it’s like compared to launch since that was a while ago. Some game modes struggle to find players but heroes vs villains and capital supremacy have a lot of people in those lobbies. I think the game is gaining attention of some people that never bought the game and might want to give it a try since they are releasing a ton of stuff through the end of the year.

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