Star Wars Battlefront 2 Upcoming Content This Week Outlined in New Video and Info

star wars battlefront 2 next update

In case you didn’t know, DICE is releasing a new Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch this week, which will add the Clone Commando, a new map and more in the game. Just to remind everyone of what’s coming, DICE has released a Star Wars Battlefront 2 upcoming content video and info blowout!

DICE will release the Battlefront 2 patch on all platforms this September 25, and players can expect the Felucia map, the new PvE modes Instant Action and Co-Op, the Clone Commando, and a host of gameplay changes. Also, Luke Skywalker will be getting the “Farmboy Appearance” he had in Star Wars: A New Hope, which can be obtained by completing a special in-game challenge.

The Clone Commando

Clone Commandos were elite operatives deployed by the Galactic Republic in high-profile missions across the galaxy. In Star Wars Battlefront II, Clone Commandos wield the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle with an Anti-Armor Attachment, providing a lethal flexibility to engage both light and heavy targets.

Mounted on the Commando’s left arm, the repulsor releases a powerful shockwave knocking enemies off their feet. The Battle Focus Ability provides a damage reduction buff to nearby allies, while replenishing the Commando’s own health if damage is dealt to an enemy at the same time.

In other words: an all-round powerhouse on the battlefront. Time to show those clankers who’s in charge.

Clone Commando abilities overview!

Felucia – An Enchantingly Exotic Battlefront

There’s nowhere quite like Felucia.

With tentacle-like vegetation (hey, are these things watching us?), funguses exploding with poisonous gas if shot at, and a plethora of beaming colors and pulsating life, this world is a sight to behold. Players will come across farmlands, pouring rivers, and a settlement soaked in details such as enterable house pods dotted with things left behind by their inhabitants. All accompanied by the enclosing ambience of the planet’s rich wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife: did we mention the giant sarlacc pit? There’s a giant sarlacc pit! Don’t fall down.

Felucia map overview!

Instant Action is Back and Brings Co-Op Along!

Long-time Star Wars Battlefront fans will remember the Instant Action mode fondly. So, we believe it’s about time to introduce it in Star Wars Battlefront II.

With this update, Instant Action enables you to jump into offline, large-scale combat against AI foes in scuffles to control a majority of the command posts across the map (similar to how the ground phase in Capital Supremacy works).

In Co-Op, on the other hand, you’ll squad up with three other players to contest objectives while taking on the AI enemies together.

Both modes launch on Clone Wars era locations with AI controlled troopers, reinforcements, and heroes. Hone your skills, have fun with your friends, or just lean back and enjoy larger-than-life Star Wars battles without the fierce competition from human players.

The Farmboy attire for Luke Skywalker can be nabbed by partaking in a special in-game challenge from October 11-18, where players will be tasked to take out 150 AI enemies in the new Co-Op mode. Also during this timeframe, Darth Maul’s “Kenobi” emote will be rewarded to everyone who captures 15 command posts on Felucia in the Capital Supremacy mode.
Check out the rest of the September 2019 roadmap right here.
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