Star Wars Battlefront Rumors – 64-Player Multiplayer Battles With “Hero” System, Tied To ‘The Force Awakens’ Film

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Rumors surrounding DICE’s highly anticipated Star Wars shooter, Battlefront, are beginning to surface while fans anxiously await official details from EA later this Spring.

Fan site Making Star Wars, who’ve proved reliable with previous movie leaks in the past, have published a list of rumors surrounded the shooter’s multiplayer modes, single player campaign, setting, and how the game might tie in to the film launching shortly after, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We can’t verify any of the following, so do take it with a teaspoon or two of salt.

According to the details from an “insider”, Star Wars Battlefront will span the original Star Wars trilogy, battles in The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, and will even touch on moments that take place before or during the opening segments of The Force Awakens. As in previous Battlefront titles, user will experience both sides of the war, playing as the Rebel Alliance, Republic, Separatists, and Empire in a single player campaign considered to be longer than usual.

Characters and ships, including the new X-Wing and Tie Fighter models, that appear in The Force will be playable in Battlefront with more being added in an ‘aggressive’ DLC season, said to offer five different themed expansions, each with three new locations, a new ‘hero’, and new vehicles.

Hero’s are powerful characters in the Star Wars universe than can be called to aid in any multiplayer match once a user has accumulated enough points through regular play. As in previous titles, they’ll carry special abilities otherwise not available to the standard soldier. Multiplayer matches are said to host 64 players, as in the Battlefield series, and will boast space to land battles, but only in certain game modes.

Environments include familiar locations like Hoth, Endor, Alderaan, Coruscant, Yavin, and Tatooine.

The details sound exciting and true to the proper Battlefront experience, but, again, cannot be confirmed. So, speculate away!

Star Wars Battlefront will launch this Holiday, before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Thanks, VG247.