Star Wars Squadron Day One Update Brings Flight Stick Support, Visuals and PSVR Improvements

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With a week to go until launch, details surrounding the Star Wars Squadrons day one update has been unearthed.

The PS4 version of Star Wars Squadron has received it’s first update ahead of launch, weighing in less than 2GB. Of course still being a week out, EA’s Motive Studio could very well issue more update, so it is subject to change from now until launch. The majority of changes seem to be focused around single-player fixes and improvements, though for those who own a PSVR you may be excited to hear that this also comes with some image quality improvements. The big thing of this update twould have to be support for the HOTAS flight stick, which was confirmed by Motive early this year. Full details on the Star Wars Squadron day 1 update can be found below.

Star Wars Squadron Day 1 Update

  • Difficulty adjustments across all difficulty levels
  • Improved AI behavior in Story Mode and Fleet Battles vs AI
  • Fixed issues where some Story Mode Medals were unobtainable
  • Fixed issues with Request Resupply being unreliable in Story Mode
  • Improvements to cinematics, animations, and character interactions
  • Improved visual quality on PlayStation®VR
  • Audio mix improvements
  • Added support for HOTAS controls
  • Several performance and stability improvements

Again, because there is still a week out until launch more fixes and improvements could be added in another upcoming update. The fixes and features above however will still be included for everyone in their day one update (disc) or preload if you go the digital route.

Additionally, while these are the patch notes for the PS4 version, HOTAS support will also be available on the Xbox One as confirmed by the developers.

Star Wars Squadron will be launching next week, on October 2. It will be available on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4. Both the PC and PS4 versions will fully support VR with supported hardware, with all platforms supporting cross-play.

You can check out how the progression, ranks and more work in the game here.