Star Wars Squadrons Launch Stats Reveal Most Popular Ships and More

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While Star Wars Squadrons hasn’t been out for more than a week, it looks like the space shooter is feeling the Force already! EA has sent out the Star Wars Squadrons launch stats and it’s quite impressive! Check out the infograph below for the official stats.

Star Wars Squadrons launch stats:

In the first week:  Livestream minutes watched – 88,900,000

Played with VR: 15 percent

Most popular Starfighters:

  • New Republic – X-Wing
  • Imperial – The Interceptor

Total ships destroyed:

  • Capital Ships – 97,855,884
  • Starfighters – 599,481,422

Total drifts – 15,970,273

Not bad, especially since Squadrons isn’t considered your typical AAA title. Don’t forget, a new title update was released yesterday, and here are the notes. We also posted this story regarding how a fan made his own flight stick controller adapter for the DualShock 4.