Starhawk Beta Patch 1.3 Drops Later This Week, New Map and Other Features Added

Lightbox president, Dylan Jobe discusses the Starhawk Beta’s next big patch.

Lightbox Interactive have finished their final weekend of play tests on patch 1.3 and will be deploying it in the coming days.

However, if you were lucky enough to log in earlier, then you might have already gotten the chance to download patch 1.3 and try out a few of the new features. Unfortunately, those who did insall 1.3 will soon have to re-install 1.2 in ordert to continue to play online, otherwise, according to Dylan¬†“they can just wait a few days” for the patch to deploy.

If you missed out on the recent news, patch 1.3 will feature a brand new map known as Dust, a new vehicle, and a ton of bug fixes. You can see a short preview of patch 1.3 here.

Early in the year it was confirmed that Starhawk would indeed support a colorblind mode later on in the beta. According to Dylan, this feature will be available once patch 1.3 goes live later this week. This may be great news for those who have been requesting the feature as color indicators over specific players are, at times, hard to distinguish from one another.

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