Starhawk – Top 14 Questions “That Must Be Answered”

Dylan Joe, President of Lightbox Interactive, answers the top 14 Starhawk questions concerning the final game in a series of videos below.

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Read on for a summary of the questions in the videos above:

  • Dram-kill too slow: There is now a new drama-kill that is much faster then the one that was used in the beta.
  • Air Combat: Hawk to hawk combat felt a little weak for Warhawk veterans. This has been tweaked in the final game. The reason why this was done in the first place was because they wanted to improve the life-span of airtime, which in Warhawk was extremely short. Don’t expect it to be as long as it was in the beta though, in the final release. Air damage is now more similar to that of Warhawk.
  • A number of weapons on the hawks have been tweaked in damage and speed.
  • The team is not shy about doing hotfixes if the community feels that there needs to be change. Expect the team to take action when it comes to patching, however they will make sure that it’s something that does indeed need patching. This means that they’ll be constantly evaluating fan feedback.
  • In the beta there were 3 maps. In the final game there are 10 maps which will offer a variety of different locations. Some maps will features pre-built structures along with interior structures.
  • The mini-map will not be able to show the full map. However, there will be an expanded version which will show more of the map, but still not all of it.
  • The flight ceiling varies from map to map. A question concerning whether this would be raised has been asked by many players. Some of the maps have been updated to either have higher or lower flight ceiling. Having a crazy high ceiling would be mean more dive bombing, which for ground players, can become annoying
  • Vehicle speeds: Many adjustments have been done to the speed of vehicles, however don’t expect much of a difference from the Beta as the team felt extremely happy with the current settings.
  • Rift energy economy: No changes have been made yet, though it will be continuously monitored after the game has been launched. They will wait for more data after the first week of launch and once that is received, hot fixes will be deployed.
  • Torpedo blast radius has been adjusted along with it’s pick-up/re-spawn time. Torpedo can be shot down now, which wasn’t possible in the beta.
  • Will building cap of 32 be increased?: Dylan would love more pieces, however this may cause issues in big player games and split-screen mode. Too many assets and frame-rates can cause issues and the amount of memory available is another problem. Though he would love it, he feels that the right balancing and tweaking can be done to fix this need.
  • Base Camping: One problem with the beta was base camping. There are no pre-locked home base, which was an issue with Warhawk.
  • Turrets spam: Many players kept building auto turrets, and at times the whole team were building them. They are now more expensive to build and  have become much easier to destroy, though are still effective.
  • No health bars for vehicles: The team wanted players to understand themselves where their health is at. They feel that once you play for a bit, you’ll understand where your health is. If this is an issue later, then they will consider adding it.
  • Load-outs will be better explained in the final game. Expect there to be more load-out options as well.
  • You’ll be able to create your own servers and game modes. There is even a deathmatch dogfight option that allows players to only battle with warhawks.

Starhawk is set to release May 8th.

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