Stats Show Battlefield 3 Close Quarter Combat Is Popular, Dev Defends Upcoming DLC

DICE Gameplay Designer Gustav Halling, settles concerns of the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC, Close Quarters. If you’ve missed it, make sure to check out the announcement and more details right here.

The big question on some of the Battlefield 3 community’s mind is why DICE is focusing on infantry-based, close-quarter combat gameplay in their upcoming DLC, something that goes against what many fans would argue the Battlefield franchise has become known for. The simple answer is that Armored Kill, a DLC focused completely on large-scale warfare, is set to release shortly after Close Quarters and should provide a nice contrast, but also familiar Battlefield gameplay. The other answer is that statistics prove this close quarters play-style is, indeed, popular.

“We looked at what people are playing and the result is a tighter infantry experience with CQ…” stated Halling. It might also be surprising to know that in-game stats differ from various polls about the subject. Halling stressed that “polls say one thing, our real statistics say another. What players actually are playing not what some click.” It was also recently discovered that Operation Metro, a map that leans heavily on the CQB style of gameplay, was proven to be the most popular Battlefield 3 map. You can read more about it here. However, Halling admits, “it’s a interesting challenge for me because its not what is expected by us.” Even though, “its still BF3 gameplay, not any other game!”

Halling was also asked if team deathmatch would be the only game-mode featured on these maps. Logistically, this would make most sense considering their size. Take this map here for example. His answer, “we will release more details about the levels and game modes later,” suggests that the inclusion of other, or perhaps new game modes, is a possibility.

Halling would like fans to know that “it’s the same game. We are giving BF3 TDM players some more awesome maps. If you only play vehicles, Armored Kill is coming.”

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