Report: China Blocks Steam Community

Here’s an odd move: China has banned Valve’s Steam Community for some unspecified reason. This was revealed by Twitter “Valve Time,” which is a news hub of all things Valve (the company, not the thing).

According to, Steam is “95 percent’ blocked in the last 90 days. While  people in China can still access the Steam Store and launch Steam, they won’t be able to check their Steam profile, friends, social content, achievements, invetory, game hubs for guides, the workshop and more. Essentially, if it’s anything that’s remotely resembling a social platform, it’s blocked.

This isn’t the first time China has blocked a worldwide platform. Case in point: Twitter has always been blocked in China, but they do have Weibo which is very much like Twitter, but just in Chinese and whatnot.

Given China’s population and economic clout, the country can certainly do as it pleases, much to the dismay of companies worldwide.

Has China banned Steam Community due to its social media platform? Most likely. Will it lift the block? I doubt it but if they do, we’ll let our readers know. You can read more about the block, and what’s happening in this Reddit thread.

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