Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals Day 12

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals Final Day

Valve’s Steam Summer sale for 2022 is still on-going now, and for today, we have the Steam Summer sale 2022 Featured Deals for day 12 listed! 

Note that the discounts will remain the same throughout the sale, so you don’t need to wait for a featured deal before you buy a certain game.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals Day 12:

Featured Deals

For The King70%5.996.838.685.994.6411.39W/M/L
This War of Mine80%3.994.395.793.792.997.39W/M/L
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™75%9.9913.7412.489.998.7449.75W
XCOM® 285%8.9911.9913.497.495.2414.98W/M/L
ANNO: Mutationem30%17.4920.2925.1614.6913.6438.49W
PAYDAY 290%0.991.191.490.990.892.39W/L
Car Mechanic Simulator 202122%19.4922.6128.0416.3715.2037.04W
Songs of Conquest25%22.4925.4932.2122.4918.7443.49W/M
Fallout 7675%9.9913.7413.739.998.7438.75W
Tabletop Simulator50%9.9910.9914.479.997.4918.49W/M/L
Age of Empires IV25%44.9959.9974.9644.9937.49149.99W
A Way Out75%7.499.999.987.496.2422.25W
Kingdom Come: Deliverance70%8.9910.1912.888.997.4917.39W
Ultimate Chicken Horse50%7.498.4910.756.245.4913.99W/M/L
Papers, Please50%4.995.497.254.493.498.49W/M/L
No Place Like Home30%13.9915.9520.2611.7510.8426.59W
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 250%19.9924.9924.9919.9917.4964.95W
Project Sparrow25%9.7410.8613.878.097.7120.16W
Yakuza: Like a Dragon55%26.9935.9940.4726.9924.74112.45W
Settlement Survival25%11.2413.1116.129.368.5421.74W/M
Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: OstfrontN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AW
Zenith: The Last City30%20.9923.7930.0617.4916.6540.59W
Airborne Kingdom30%17.4920.2925.1614.6913.6433.24W/M

To see the rest of the previous days’ deals for the Steam Summer sale, head on over here.

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