Street Fighter 5 Spring Update Shows Off Oro, Rose, and Akira, Rose Available Starting April 19

Street Fighter 5 Spring Update

Street Fighter fans who were anxiously waiting for the next big updates on SF5 got their prayers answered, as Capcom and the SF team delivered their SF5 Spring Update digital event showcase — and it shows off more of the upcoming DLC fighters including Oro, Rose, and the first teaser for Rival Schools character Akira Kazama! Plus, Rose will be available starting April 19!

In case you missed the Street Fighter 5 Spring Update presentation, don’t worry as the video is now up on the Capcom Fighters channel.

For the new content presented, fans got their first real look at how returning Street Fighter 3 character Oro will play in SF5. He’s basically the same 100 year old plus hermit that many have come to know and love in the series, retaining his unique features like double jump and doing a flurry of combos using his nimble moves set and tricks. Plus he gets some V-Skill and V-Trigger moves that are a call back to his powers and abilities from SF3… All while holding a turtle in one hand and never dropping his pet companion!

The other major character showcase of course is Rose — who’s the next character in the roadmap that’s set for release soon! Besides retaining her magic powers and gypsy style skills, Rose now has the ability to use tarot cards that have different abilities and properties players can exploit and use to their advantage during the fight. It’s a very unique addition that compliments her character very much, not to mention the return of fan favorite moves such as Soul Satellite and Soul Illusion — all added to the V-Skill and V-Trigger showcase for the character. Those looking forward to playing Rose won’t have to wait too long either, as she becomes available starting April 19!

Finally, the other big surprise and reveal is our first look at Akira Kazama — the fan favorite high school biker gal and fighter from Capcom’s other fighting game franchise, Rival Schools!

While there’s no release date yet for Oro and Akira, the SF development team has showcased quite a good number of footage and teases to get fans excited and hopeful for what’s coming. There’s still one more mystery character yet to be revealed too, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for more announcements.

Speaking of Capcom showcases, the Resident Evil Digital Showcase is expected to be some time this month — and Capcom has already released new gameplay footage for RE Village featuring Ethan Winters exploring the castle!

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