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Street Fighter 5 Gives Akuma Garuda’s Outfit From Fighting EX Layer News 0

News 0 Nostalgia makes its way in the form of another crossover costume Street Fighter fans can acquire in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, as Capcom reveals that Street Fighter EX and Fighting EX Layer character Garuda is the latest alternate outfit Akuma/ Gouki will be getting in the game courtesy of Extra Battle mode! Here’s the […]

Street Fighter 5 Producer Gives Update on Season 5, Dan Hibiki Coming in February 2021 News 0

News 0 Street Fighter fans who have been looking forward to Season 5 finally have some news, as the end of this week’s Street Fighter League stream saw an important update from Street Fighter V producer Shuehei Matsumoto — who revealed that work is still being done on the new content and that Dan Hibiki will be […]

Street Fighter 5 Fighting EX Layer Crossover Costume Turns G Into Skullomania News 0

News 0 Street Fighter fans and players who have consistently participated in the Extra Battle missions in Street Fighter 5 are going to get something pretty nostalgic and sweet, as the newest crossover costume that will become available this week will be none other than Skullomania from Fighting EX Layer! Here’s the Tweet sent straight out from […]

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Costume Contest Closed, Final Rankings In News 0

News 0 The rankings are in and voting is now closed for Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition costume contest — which began at the end of May and ran all the way til July 21. Submissions and entries were open to everyone worldwide, and quite a significant number of Street Fighter fans participated in the contest […]