Rose is Now Available to Play in Street Fighter 5

If you’re craving for some new fighters to play in the world of Street Fighter then fortune has literally graced you, as Street Fighter Alpha veteran and fan favorite character Rose is now available to play in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as the second DLC character for Season 5!

Check out the gameplay trailer for this mystic magic user and Menat’s master here!

As a returning character with a new set of moves up her sleeve, here’s an overview of Rose’s SF5 iteration courtesy of Capcom’s press release.

With her latest iteration, Rose comes equipped with powerful moves that longtime Street Fighter fans are sure to recognize. Her “Soul Satellite” makes its return from Street Fighter IV as a V-Skill, allowing Rose to summon orbs and put pressure on her opponents. Her “Soul Illusion” from the Street Fighter Alpha series comes back as a V-Trigger which creates a mirrored Rose that performs the same attack shortly after she does, inflicting heavy damage.

Rose also wields a brand new set of moves such as her “Soul Fortune” V-Skill, allowing her to draw one of four tarot cards to buff herself or debuff her opponents. This new skill unlocks a new dimension of gameplay for Rose players, who can now decide when to play offensively or defend themselves depending on the tide of battle. “Soul Dimension” is Rose’s new V-Trigger move which she can use to teleport to one of three spots on the screen to offer expanded combo options.

Street Fighter 5’s latest update 3.08 brings Rose into the game as well as a new stage, and you can read the details on that patch here.

Street Fighter 5 is available to play on both PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom

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