Street Fighter 6 AKI Gameplay Trailer Slithers Out, Moves List Detailed

Capcom has released the Street Fighter 6 Aki gameplay trailer today and this gives us a good look at the mistress of poison.  Check out the two-minute footage below to see how Aki poisons her enemies.

Watch the trailer and read up on her moves straight from Capcom!

A.K.I. draws much of her poisonous personality and inspiration from her master F.A.N.G, who was first introduced in Street Fighter™ V. In the single player World Tour mode, players can learn more about A.K.I.’s interest in the evil Shadaloo organization and help her find her herbal medicine in Tian Hong Yuan, a new location for players to meet their newest Master and apply her deadly moves to their custom avatar.

Street Fighter 6 AKI Moves List:

  • Serpent Lash: From a distance, A.K.I. sends her nails flying forward like a chain, poisoning enemies she hits. When she strikes an opponent who is already poisoned, a Toxic Blossom will trigger an explosion and open enemies up to follow-up attacks.
  • Nightshade Pulse: A.K.I. sends a bubble forward that also poisons enemies it hits. She can strike the bubble with Nightshade Chaser to pop it in advance, increasing its area of effect.
  • Orchid Spring: A.K.I. places a puddle of poison in front of her which will affect opponents who step inside it.
  • Sinister Slide: Slither across the screen to avoid threats while stalking forward and perform follow-up moves like Venomous Fang, Heel Strike, or Entrapment.
  • Claws of Ya Zi: A.K.I.’s Level 3 Super Art pierces various pressure points on an opponent’s body and injects a poison that dangerously detonates from within.

Aki will join the SF6 roster this September 27, and those who own the Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition will automatically get access to the character.

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