Street Fighter 6 “Game Face” Feature Showcased in New Trailer

street fighter 6 game face

Aside from the Battle Hub, new control inputs and new gameplay mechanics, Street Fighter 6 will also have the “Game Face” feature available, which lets players fiddle their character’s face during the versus screen.

Check out the Street Fighter 6 Game Face trailer:

The Street Fighter 6 Game Face feature takes the spotlight in this latest SF6 trailer for the upcoming fighting game. Check it out to see what to expect with this feature that allows you to show your attitude by pressing directional buttons during the Street Fighter 6 versus screen. Take a look as SF6 Ryu and SF6 Luke show off the SF6 Game Face feature.

There’s also a new commentary feature in the game that will let famous commentators run the play-by-play in your matches as well, which should add to the whole tournament vibe even if you’re just playing casually.

Street Fighter 6 punches out this 2023 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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