Street Fighter 6 Classic Control vs. Modern Controls Explained

Street Fighter 6 Update 1.07

In Street Fighter 6, not only is Capcom set to introduce new levels, characters, moves and more into the franchise, but we’re also getting new control inputs as well! There is the “Classic Control” which long-time franchise should be familiar with, as well as the “Modern Controls,” for those who want to dip their toes in the Street Fighter pool but haven’t been playing the past few years (or this will be their first time).

Thankfully, while the game isn’t out yet, Capcom has given a detailed look at just how modern controls work! Check out the comparison and description below.

Street Fighter 6 Classic and Modern Controls Differences and Explanation:

A Modern Control Type for Everyone

For those who are worried that fighting game inputs are too complicated and just want to unleash your inner fighter, we have a solution in the form of a new control type option. First off, Classic Control Type is what veterans can expect to use for inputs with its six-button layout. New to Street Fighter 6 is the Modern Control Type, which allows for easier inputs where a special move can be performed by combining the “Special Move” button with one directional input. This is perfect for newer players or those who may have found classic command inputs a bit too difficult in the past. With the Modern Control Type, your character will perform some of their flashiest (and best) attacks with just a few button presses. Modern Control Type is optional, but we highly recommend new players give it a try!

SF6 Classic Control Type:

SF6 Modern Control Type:

Aside from the new control method, there’s also a new commentary feature, a Battle Hub and more! Check out the (leaked) roster of characters confirmed coming to the game right here.

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