Tactical Intervention Enters Open Beta, More Content to Come Post-Launch

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Tactical Intervention, a tactical, free-to-play, PC first-person shooter from Counter-Strike co-developer Minh “Gooseman” Le and brought to you by 1337 Games, is now open for all players to join in on the action in the game’s open beta test.

To participate, simply download the game from the Steam store. You can find it right here.

Featuring unique games modes and mechanics not seen in other shooters, Tactical Intervention allows you to experience first person combat from an entirely new perspective. Hijack a car to take part in an intense highway chase; unload your high-powered Gabard shotgun at the VIP while leaning out the window, as your opponents scramble to protect him. Take out the covering helicopter with a well-placed shot from an RPG while you handbrake turn to broadside your target.

Experience the thrill of rappelling down a building, kicking in the plexiglass, hurling a flash bang, grabbing a hostage as a human shield, and dealing some rapid fire death with your Uzi. Use riot shields to defend yourself against enemy forces and then command your vicious German Shepard attack dog to savage terrorists out of line of sight. Dive to cover and lay down suppressing fire with your Aug assault rifle so your teammates can liberate the terrified hostages.

Officially, the game launches in Europe, North America and Russia on September 12 with servers in Asia, Australia and South America available on October 1.  It will include eleven different maps off the bat with more on their way, like Airport and Monaco. Expect regular updates from the team post-launch, expanding the game with new maps, weapons and equipment.

To learn more, be sure to check out the official Tactical Intervention website!