Team Fortress 2 – Next Update Will Address Exploits and Add Fan-Made Maps

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Team Fortress 2, the popular free-to-play first-person shooter by Valve, is set to receive an update in the near future that will address some rather pesky issues and include some brand new content.

Players who’ve fallen victim to tactics such as rooftop spawn camping and sentry jumping on maps like Badwater can now rejoice. According to a recent blog entry on Team Fortress’ site, Valve is getting ready to fix these troublesome issues that a lot of TF2 players can look forward to.

Although Valve will be fixing some of the older maps, TF2 fans will be happy to know that they can expect two new community created capture-point maps, ‘Process’ and ‘Standin’ (pictured below), created by Ian Cuslidge, to be included in this update as well.





At the moment, there is no specific date on which this update will roll out, but as information becomes available, we will update you guys.

Are you looking forward to this update?