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Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO Source Codes Leak Online, Players Should Be Safe to Play Counter-Strike News 0

News 0 Earlier today, it was confirmed that both Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO source codes had leaked online, causing players to become worried about potential security breaches on both titles, urging them not to play. As it turns out, at least for Counter-Strike, there is no need for concerns as Valve has given the ok to […]

Team Fortress 2 Update Patch Notes Revealed, Jungle Inferno Goes Live Today News 0

News 0 After a short delay, the new Team Fortress 2 update “Jungle Inferno” will launch today, bringing the new official Mercenary Park map, five community maps, a range of cosmetic rewards and more to the game. The update will also implement a huge number of gameplay tweaks and improvements.  Here’s the main content additions: 5 featured […]

Team Fortress 2 – Valve Launches Early Access to New Beta Maps and Game Mode News 1

News 1 Valve is looking for willing test subjects to help improve the Team Fortress 2 experience by throwing a couple of new Beta maps and a new mode up for testing, the studio announced yesterday. “We need volunteers that are capable of putting these spaces through the wringer,” Valve wrote in a recent blog update. “We want […]

Amazing Team Fortress 2 Short Film, “Expiration Date,” is Valve’s Best Yet News 8

News 8 Look out, Pixar. Video game company Valve is making their animation skills known with their latest Source Filmmaker project, “Expiration Date.” Coinciding with the launch of Team Fortress 2’s Love and War Update, the 15-minute film brings to life an enchanting tale of romance between Scout and Mill Pauling while the Red team learns to deal […]

Latest Team Fortress 2 Patch Adds Thief Related Items News 0

News 0 Shooter fans, as well as fans of Square Enix’s Thief series, will have something special waiting for them after downloading the latest patch for Team Fortress 2. Celebrating Eidos Montreal’s recent launch of Thief, Team Fortress 2 is introducing a number of Thief-related items, including a Bow Weapon for the sniper class and four other items. […]

Latest Team Fortress 2 Update Cracks Down On Idlers And Third Party Programs News 11

News 11 Those who tend to go idle during a match of Valve’s free-to-play shooter Team Fortress 2 and expect to get rewarded with items for doing nothing may want to rethink their strategy. The latest patch, which is now live, stops pesky idlers from being rewarded. Valve is even taking it a step further and punishing […]

New Team Fortress 2 Update Now Available – Tweaks Items, Addresses Exploits And More News 0

News 0 Those playing Valve’s free-to-play shooter, Team Fortress 2, are in for a surprise the next time they boot up Team Fortress 2, as a hefty new update is now available. As we previously reported, TF2 players can look forward to this update which address some exploits such as sentry jumping and tweaks underused and popular […]

Team Fortress 2 – Next Update To Tweak Banners, Nerf Dead Ringer, And Split Item Sets News 2

News 2 Last week, we covered the initial details of the latest update for the free-to-play shooter, Team Fortress 2, which you can read all about right here. This week, the folks over at Valve gave more details regarding what changes TF2 players can expect once the upcoming update goes live. First and foremost, some of the most important […]

Team Fortress 2 – Next Update Will Address Exploits and Add Fan-Made Maps News 7

News 7 Team Fortress 2, the popular free-to-play first-person shooter by Valve, is set to receive an update in the near future that will address some rather pesky issues and include some brand new content. Players who’ve fallen victim to tactics such as rooftop spawn camping and sentry jumping on maps like Badwater can now rejoice. According […]

Team Fortress 2 – Mecha Update Coming This Christmas News 3

News 3 Tis the season of giving, and Valve sure is giving to Team Fortress 2 players. Expecting to release in the next few days, Valve is preparing to launch an update for Mann Vs. Machine, which is set to add a new character, along with a map and Christmas goodies. Like always, Valve likes to mix […]

Team Fortress 2 And Left 4 Dead Collide In This Animated Short News 4

News 4 Ever wonder what it would be like if the highly popular Team Fortress 2 crossed-over into the world of Left 4 Dead? Well wonder no further as an inspiring animator who goes by the name of Nailbiter has created an amazing short, using the recently released Source Filmmaker. Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play first […]

[Updated] Team Fortress 2 Pyromania Update Released News 9

News 9 Valve has released their latest update for Team Fortress 2 today. The biggest addition is the all new “Doomsday” gamemode. In this mode one team tries to launch a rocket into space while the other team tries to stop them. Along with this gamemode, 11 new achievements have been revealed. At least 10 new community […]