Team Fortress 2 Update Patch Notes Revealed, Jungle Inferno Goes Live Today

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After a short delay, the new Team Fortress 2 update “Jungle Inferno” will launch today, bringing the new official Mercenary Park map, five community maps, a range of cosmetic rewards and more to the game.

The update will also implement a huge number of gameplay tweaks and improvements. 

Here’s the main content additions:

  • 5 featured community maps: Mossrock, Lazarus, Brazil, Enclosure, and Banana Bay
  • 1 new official map: Mercenary Park
  • 5 new community taunts: The Dueling Banjo, The Jumping Jack, The Soviet Strongarm, The Russian Arms Race, and The Headcase. 
  • 2 new official taunts: Yeti Punch and Yeti Smash
  • 2 community cosmetic cases with 20 items each
  • 2 new War Paint collections made up of community-made War Paints and official War Paints
  • 2 new War Paint collections filled with classic weapon skins being brought back for another tour
  • 4 new Pyro items: The Dragon’s Fury, The Thermal Thruster (with a new kill taunt: The Gas Blast), The Gas Passer, and the Hot Hand
  • 1 new Heavy item: The Second Banana
  • Free contracts to earn the new Pyro and Heavy items
  • 36 campaign contracts
  • Mercenary Park Gift Shop to select your campaign contract rewards
  • Equippable ConTracker to customize and track your campaign experience

For the full (long, long, long) list of gameplay changes, head here.

Will you be diving into Team Fortress 2 for the Jungle Inferno update?

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Source: Team Fortress (Official)