Fortnite PS4 and PC Cross-Play: Here’s How to Play Against PC Gamers

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While Fortnite has no shortage of players, some people might only have a PlayStation 4 to play it on, or just a PC. What if you’re on console and you specifically want to play against PC? Well, there’s a specific way of doing that.

Reddit use  Vinnipinni posted a mini tutorial on how Fortnite PS4 and PC cross-play can be started. 

Me and my friend just found out a way to play Fortnite Batle Royale together. It’s actually pretty easy. You just have to add each other on your epic games friendlist and then the PC player can join your party.


*1. Link your PS4 Account with an Epic Games Account.

*2. Add each other on the Epic Games friendlist. It is not possible through the game on PS4, so I just gave my friend my account data and he added him on my account through the epic games launcher. You could download the launcher yourself or maybe (not 100% sure) add him in paragon. That might work aswell.

*3. Start Fortnite. Your friends should then see you on his friendlist and should be able to join you through the ingame menu.

The ingame part works just fine. No lags or anything. You should maybe get into teamspeak, discord or whatever you like to communicate. The PC player won’t show up on the ingame friednslist of the PS4, so PC can only join PS4, not vice versa.

According to user eddy5791, it’s important to note that if you team up with PC players, you will be put in a PC server. So, bear in mind that you’ll be going up against keyboard and mouse players before doing so. The PS4 version of Fortnite does support KB/M support, so you can try and play on an even field if you so wish.

In other Fortnite news, don’t forget to check out the latest patch notes for the title update that was released yesterday. We also ran a video where we list down the reasons how PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can learn from Fortnite as well.

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