Tekken 7 Negan Gameplay Finally Bats Out, Check Out the Rest of the Season Pass 2 Fighter Trailers

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If you were looking forward to seeing some Tekken 7 Negan gameplay ever since Bandai Namco revealed that The Walking Dead’s big baddie is making his way into the game, now’s your day! Check out the Tekken 7 Negan trailer below! And as a little nod to the show, it’s even styled the same way as one of the most tense moments in the TV show’s history!

If Negan isn’t your type of fighter, maybe the rest of the characters in Season Pass 2 might be a good fit. Shown below are the reveal trailers for Armor King, and Craig Marduk!

“I WILL CRUSH YOU!” Feel the explosive energy of Craig Marduk’s violent power with your own hands when he gets added to the Season Pass 2 roster.

Fueled with a need for revenge, Armor King is determined to face off against his brother’s killer. Will you wrestle your way to the top and settle the score? Armor King returns to the ring in TEKKEN 7 for some fierce showdowns, starting December 3rd!

In other Tekken 7 news, the game has now passed over three million units sold, which means players can expect more post-launch support in the coming weeks and months.