Tekken X Street Fighter Is 30% Done, Currently “Pending” According to Tekken Director

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Remember Tekken X Street Fighter? Announced way back in 2010, and is Bandai Namco Entertainment’s version of the two fighting game franchise’s crossover event (with Capcom making Street Fighter X Tekken which was released in 2012), the game has long been considered dead by most people given the lack of Tekken X Street Fighter news for years.

Well, it seems someone doesn’t think the game is dead just yet, and it’s none other than Tekken game director and franchise guru, Katsuhiro Harada! During a livestream, Harada says that Tekken X Street Fighter is still “pending,” and that it’s currently at 30 percent done. Check out Harada talk about it in the video below though it’s in Japanese (via Avoiding the Puddle):

With the game now set to enter year nine of development, and the game still at just 30 percent done, the chances of the game seeing the light of day is becoming more and more unlikely by the year. That said, who knows, though? Maybe Bandai Namco allocates enough resources into the project and we’ll see it come out next year? I wouldn’t hold my breath, but who knows.

Are you still hoping to see Tekken X Street Fighter? Or do you think the title is just vaporware at this point?

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