Texas Chain Saw Massacre Invite Bug Being Investigated, Invalid Credentials and Network Error Fixes Mentioned

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Invite Bug

While it seems The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is already a big hit for Gun Interactive with over a million players slaying since launch, it looks like it’s not without its issues. One of these said issues being looked into is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre invite bug that’s plaguing players.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Invite Bug:

This was acknowledged by the devs over on Twitter:

We are aware of an invite bug causing lobby join codes to exceed 6 characters. The team is investigating and will update once we know more.

In addition to that, the studio also touched on the “Invalid Credentials” or “Network Error” that some PC players are seeing as well. Replying to a Twitter user, the devs state, “Current troubleshooting that has worked for a lot of folks is to try rebooting the application, steam, and your PC. If you have any GPU software, that can cause some issues getting on. Try disabling anything like MSI Afterburner, etc.”

Another issue the dev team has acknowledged is stuttering on PC. You can read more about that here.

In case you haven’t played the game yet, go read our review where we state, “It’s not a flawless game, but the anguish and thrills that it conveys are almost one of a kind, delivered with confidence and brutality to match the source. This is one for horror aficionados and everyone else who likes a good old-fashioned game of murderer cat, and stealthy mouse.”

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