The Callisto Protocol Will Have 10-11 Enemy Types, Players Will Be “Outside” but No Space Combat Confirmed

the callisto protocol enemy types

If you’ve seen the gameplay videos of The Callisto Protocol, chances are you’ve noticed the different enemy types the game’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, has to mutilate in order to survive. If you’re wondering how many enemy types there will be in the upcoming horror game, wonder no more, as Striking Distance has confirmed that players will see 10-11 enemy types surface in the game!

This was confirmed by Striking Distance boss — and Dead Space co-creator — Glen Schofield in a recent “rapid fire” video interview with Game Informer.

Q: How many enemy types are there in the game?

Schofield: I think there’s around 10 or 11.

Note that we’re uncertain whether this includes bosses and the like. Also, enemy types are not the same as type variants, so that means (or I am assuming) that the Necromorph-like convict enemies we see in the trailer have different body types, skin types, etc. but they are still considered one enemy type; and the ones that spew acid are another enemy type, and so on.

In the same video interview, Schofield also confirmed that players shouldn’t expect any space combat in the game at all. 

Q: Will we be fighting in space at all?

Schofield: No. You will be outside from time to time but not in space.

I admit, this is kind of a bummer to hear, given the Dead Space franchise had some amazing space combat set pieces, but there’s always the sequel for that, right?

In other The Callisto Protocol news, go check out how Striking Distance plans to integrate the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers into the game. The studio has also shared that they have spent years on the game’s gore system, which isn’t surprising given the gore we’ve seen from the trailers so far.

The Callisto Protocol is due out in December 2 and will crawl out for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

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