The Division 2 Beta Ban Is Happening to People for No Reason

the division 2 down

If you’ve pre-ordered The Division 2, then chances are you’re in The Division 2 private beta which is happening right this moment. While it’s understandable for betas to have issues, this one happening right now is a bit of an oddity since it’s not usual for people to get banned in betas.

Yep, it seems The Division 2 beta ban issue is happening to players, and it’s random from what we can tell. Over on Reddit, multiple players have chimed in complaining they got banned from the beta for no reason. Thankfully, Ubisoft is aware of it and is said to be rolling out a patch to fix this snag. If you’re somehow still getting banned, and you can’t wait for the patch, user ash_ax posted a quick fix for it that multiple people have mentioned, works!

Yannick,t he Live Content Manager at Ubisoft Massive (developer of The Division), has mentioned that the issue should be resolved now. Here’s to hoping it is for everyone!

Of course, given that this is a beta, it’s better that this is happening now rather than at launch, right? I mean, isn’t this the entire point of doing beta tests?!

Stay tuned for MP1st’s The Division 2 beta impressions. We’re currently playing it as well, and will offer our thoughts on the beta build once we’ve given it enough playtime.

In other The Division 2 news, go check out our first look at the shared world shooter’s endgame and some of the enemies we’ll face at max level.

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