The Division 2 Console Sales Fails to Meet Expectations

the division 2 update today may 14

While there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of The Division 2 players, it seems internally, Ubisoft isn’t quite happy with where the game is in terms of sales. During its earnings presentation, Ubisoft admits that The Division 2 console sales figures have failed to meet expectations.

What’s a bit odd here is, the PC version seems to be faring quite well, with Ubisoft proclaiming that it has 10x the UPlay sales. Having said that, while the overall The Division 2 console sales might be a disappointment, Ubisoft is reporting record highs for engagement per player and the game’s Season Pass.

Speaking of The Division 2, don’t forget that the game’s first-ever Rad, Operation Dark Hours, is now live. Go read up on our Operation Dark Hours info post to know the rewards and more.

First team to beat The Division 2 Raid will be immortalized in the White House in a group portrait. Note that only ONE team can will for all three platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC), so time is of the essence if you want to be immortalized in the game.

Beating the Raid will net players the a Raid Trophy and a Clan Icon

Players who beat the Raid in its first week (May 16-21, 2019) will get an exclusive arm patch

If you’re wondering why there’s no matchmaking in the Raid, here’s Ubisoft’s explanation.

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5 years ago

This game failed for many reasons. The biggest failure was that UbiSoft doesn’t listen to it’s potential customers that could buy their crap. If UbiSoft (and EA) won’t take the time to read game forums like this… or won’t read their own official game forums… then screw’em. My PS4 can sit in my closet and rot for all I care. As for buying a PS5… not looking good so far. Gaming isn’t worth the time anymore.

Reply to  RedKnightOH
5 years ago

To be fair, it didn’t “fail”, it just “under preformed”, according to their expectations. But you’re spot on about Ubisoft not really listening, or listening and cherry picking the easiest and laziest stuff to do.

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