The Division 2 Episode 3 Trailer Gives Us an Overview of the Chaos

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While we already know what’s included in The Division 2 Episode 3 (for the most part, at least, we now have our first look at what’s coming down the pipeline in Ubisoft’s looter shooter! The publisher released a The Division 2 Episode 3 trailer that gives us an idea what to expect next month!

The Division 2 Episode 3 takes agents to Coney Island in search of a cure to the virus that started everything. This FREE update is coming in February 2020. Get 1 week early access with the Year 1 Pass.

In other The Division 2 news, Ubisoft Massive has already talked about Skill Power and recalibration changes, thought has confirmed that we won’t see those take effect in the game until after Episode 3 has been released.

No release date for Episode 3 has been announced so far other than February 2020, though we do know that it won’t contain a new raid.

Are you hyped for Episode 3, agents? What do you want to see from Ubisoft when it comes to new content and balance changes?