The Division 2 Hidden Boss: How to Trigger the Mission, and the Reward

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While The Division 2 just came out, it seems the game has all sorts of secrets hidden within that are slowly being unraveled by the community. One such secret? A The Division 2 hidden boss! Wait, scratch that, a The Division 2 hidden Hunter boss!

Outlined by Reddit user Naitrax, here’s where to find him, exact location on the map, and what specific item reward he drops when killed!

There is a hidden hunter boss (level 35) you can summon in the water in West Potomac Park, right near the Lincoln Memorial mission. With further testing, it seems you need to activate the map near the SHD Cache above the mission area prior to shooting the light. Head due east from the mission, until you reach the small building with a hanging lightbulb. If you shoot this at night, it will spawn a hunter boss (level 35) on the spot, he does not despawn between respawns. Am only level 23 so I cannot beat him to see what he drops.

If you’re wondering how I found this, there is a map with an “X Marks the Spot” near s SHD Tech cache north of the mission, which had that location marked on the map with a crescent moon. I visited that spot at night and sure enough, when you shoot the light the hunter spawns!

The Division 2 hidden boss map location:

“X” marks the spot:

As for what specific item he drops, check out this familiar looking hockey mask!

Not bad, no? If you know of any other hidden boss in The Division 2, don’t hesitate to contact us ( and we’ll be sure to credit you for the find!

For more The Division 2 secrets, go check out this keychain location guide to make your backpack stand out!

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4 years ago

there’s 9 others as well.

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