The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse Raid Rewards, Requirements & More Revealed

The Division 2 Update 1.34

Earlier this week, Ubisoft has released The Division 2 Title Update 10 that brings in a host of new changes, and more. While that in itself is exciting, the second Raid for The Division 2 is coming next week! Curious about The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse Raid rewards? Read on.

The Division 2 Raid Operation Iron Horse Rewards, Requirements, Trailers and More:

Season 2

  • Right now we are in the pre-season week, that is also why the Season is already displayed and some audio collectibles can be played as you are doing content.
  • The Season 2 will start on June 23rd.
  • Apparel Event Picture will follow at a later point

Similarity to Season 1

  • Some have mentioned that Season 2 is similar to Season 1 in terms of activities.
  • The Seasons have the goal and are a way to structure endgame.
  • While you can always farm and look for specific items, the Season has the purpose to give you a goal and something to do. The Season Progression, the Reward Track, and so on come on top of that.
  • The Seasons don’t replace new content – besides that, new content like Skyscraper is already announced.
  • The seasons are a way to make sure the game is alive, there is something to do and that there is some guidance that helps you in daily activities.

Access to the Season

  • When you own Warlords of New York, you are level 40 and have completed the Story campaign you have access to Season 2 and all activities.
  • The Premium Track offers extra rewards and cosmetics
  • The Season 2 Pass also gives you a daily project that requires you to complete a mission to earn Season XP.

Raid: Operation Iron Horse

Following the initial Black Friday outbreak, a group of civilians gathered to settle in the United Ironworks; a foundry located close to Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, the True Sons raided the foundry sometime later and took control. Here they have hidden away from the public eye and are once more scheming against The Division by expanding their already vast arsenal of weaponry. However, The Division has learned about their plans and are ready to strike back against this new growing threat.

Operation Iron Horse demonstrates how determined and ruthless the True Sons are. During this challenge, you will not only have to face the True Sons and the secrets they are hiding; but also the treacherous environment of a foundry. All bosses will come with their own unique mechanics and will challenge players’ ability to cooperate efficiently and to operate in a highly challenging environment.


  • The Ravenous exotic is a double-barrel rifle that offers both offensive and defensive bonuses to players.
  • The Regulus exotic is a revolver that offers high base damage and creates explosions on headshot kills that amplify damage and apply bleed to all enemies nearby.
  • The Foundry Bulwark gear set is designed for players wanting to maximize their survivability, allowing both their shield and themselves to absorb and repair the damage they take over time.
  • The Future Initiative gear set is designed for players wanting to support their team with strong repairs, while also increasing the damage output of teammates while they’re at full armor.

Crafting Projects

  • The first step is to finish the Raid
  • There are projects to unlock the raid sets and the Regulus blueprints.

Raid Gear Sets

While Bulwark and Future Initiative are assigned to the raid, only the chest and backpack items are exclusive to the raid, the other items drop in the regular loot pool.

This also makes them accessible for players that don’t play the raid.

=> Gear Sets


Operation Iron Horse will be available on June 30th at 6 PM CEST for level 40. To start the raid, players will need to speak with the helicopter pilot at the Base of Operations. This brings up the raid tab on the social menu where it will list the new raid, allowing everyone to start building their raid groups.

Level 30 Raid will follow a week later.

Level 30 Raid later than Level 40

A short explanation of why the level 30 raid comes a week later:

  • For them the Raid is the ultimate challenge for the player
  • Level 40 is the highest version of the game and also the toughest challenge.
  • They did not want to make the world’s first a race between level 30 and level 40 and then have the discussion that the level 30 might have been easier to complete.
  • That is why the level 40 raid got the priority

Operation Iron Horse: Race to World First

Date: June 30th, 5 PM CEST / 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT.

The Race to World First will begin with a pre-show streaming on at 3 PM UTC/8 AM PT on June 30, with a showcase by some of the developers behind Operation Iron Horse, before it opens for everyone.

The Raid is free for all players – and any group of 8 players can squad up to take it in, but only a single group per platform can lay claim to the title of “World’s First.” The group is not limited to friends or clan-mates. You can try your hand at the Raid with anyone – but outstanding communication and cooperation will be necessary to have a shot at victory.

The Bellowing Crowd

Be a part of the celebration on June 30th. Leading up to and during the race to the World First, we’ll have Twitch Drops activated on numerous The Division 2 streamers Twitch accounts. Meaning you’ll be able to join in on your favorite stream, look on as all the different teams try their hand at the Raid, and walk away with some rewards of your own!

In order to be eligible to earn Twitch Drops your Ubisoft account and Twitch account must be linked. Linking your accounts can be done here and further instructions of how to do so are available in this support FAQ.

Once the new Raid is live, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: Reddit

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