The Division 2 Title Update 11 Additional Changes Listed

The Division 2 Update 1.46

While we got the Phase 2 of The Division 2’s Title Update 11 PTS (Public Test Server) patch notes last week. that’s not the full list of fixes and changes that we’ll see in the final version of the patch  when it launches next week. In the latest State of the Game, Ubisoft outlined more The Division 2 Title Update 11 additional changes.

Additional changes for The Division 2 Title Update 11 launch:

  • Added more objectives do complete and changed the frequency of certain objectives.
  • Drone Ambush objective was adjusted
  • Legendary Floors have now Rogue Agents encounter enabled (they will also happen in any other difficulty)
    • You will also have a checkpoint, so even if you die to the Rogue Agents on legendary difficulty, you will not lose any progress.
    • This applies only to the Summit, legendary Strongholds have no Rogue Agent encounters
  • Legendary Floors also have exotic Archetypes enabled, so you can have (for example) all 3 Warhound Archetypes in one encounter.
  • Legendary Floors – Ambush objective has been disabled because the factions that are assigned to that objective are not scaled to legendary (Rioters, Ambushers, etc)
  • Covers were fixed that were not working properly
  • Laptop interactions placement were fixed
  • Doors not opening was fixed
  • Floor 100 enemies appearing beneath the floor was fixed
  • Rally Points up to Level 50 will be unlocked per default at TU11 launch.
  • The Directives will stay pre-set as on PTS, if you don’t like Directives, you can repeat the floors that have not any Directives assigned to them. (they are looking into changes for that in TU11.1)


If you join a group that has a higher Rally Point than you (you have unlocked 40 and you join a group on 65, you will keep the Rally Point on 70 once you have killed the boss encounter there)

Planned changes for TU11.1

They are looking into difficulty, Directives, Targeted Loot, and other optimizations for a more customized challenge that fits you.

Operation Iron Horse Discovery Mode

The Discovery Mode for the Operation Iron Horse Raid will become available when Title Update 11 drops.

Gear Mod Changes

  • All Gear Mod Slots will become generic, so you can put any red/yellow/blue mods into any slot you want.
  • The announced resistance mod changes (double the value) have been reverted and will not go live because it had unwanted impacts on the meta.

Recalibration Library

The pistol recalibration bug will be fixed with TU11.

New Directives

  • Two new Directives will be added into the mix – no details have been given.
  • Two old ones will be replaced.

Global Event Modifier Changes

They went through the Global Events (Reanimated, Guardian, and Polarity Switch) and they made some drastic changes in how they work.

In essence, they’ve taken away many of the negative aspects and kept the positive effects of those modifiers to make sure you actually want to have them active because they make you feel more powerful.

PVP Changes

The PVP balancing changes are listed in the PTS patch notes: Link

No additional PVP content will be added with TU11.

Season 3

The title of Season 3 will be “Concealed Agenda”.

The Season will start immediately with the launch of TU11.

The Prime Target will be the Black Tusk Leader Bardon Schaeffer.

Season 3 will continue the story that you have been experiencing in Division 2 and you will go after Bardon Schaeffer, the last leader of the Black Tusk Special Unit (BTSU). During the Campaign, you took down the other BTSU leaders one by one – like Wyvern in Tidal Basin for example – and Schaeffer is the last man standing. So now you have the chance to really hit the Black Tusk hard and take down their leadership.

Season 4 will follow after that and there you will encounter Faye Lau as the Primary Target:

Don’t forget, the big part of Title Update 11 will be The Summit mode that will be available to those who own the Warlords of New York DLC. You can read uo about that here.

Once the patch is out or the official notes are released beforehand, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Reddit

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