The Division 2 to Have Variable Refresh Rate on Xbox One X

the division 2 down

It’s no secret that for today’s current lineup of consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox One X is technically superior than the rest. Having said that, it seems one upcoming game is taking advantage of the Xbox One X’s power, and that’s The Division 2.

Over on the game’s product page on Microsoft (via Reddit), one of the “capabilities” mentioned is that The Division 2 will have a variable refresh rate. Here’s a screenshot of it:

Those not familiar, a variable refresh rate (VRR) is the term for a dynamic display refresh rate that can vary on the fly and on displays that support the variable refresh rate tech. This is usually implemented to eliminate stutters and tearing in games, and makes games appear smoother overall.

We’ve reached out to Ubisoft to inquire if this feature will also be in the PS4 Pro version, and will update the post if and when we get a response.

In other The Division 2 news, check out the pre-order bonuses available for the game in this trailer. Make sure to read up on the PvP maps and how character skills will be tweaked to balance PvP from PvE.

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