The Division 2 Will Have Maps Designed Exclusively for PvP, Skills Will Have Different Stats in PvE Compared to PVP

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With Ubisoft now openly talking about The Division 2’s PvP mode and the Dark Zone, and the announcement that we’ll see organized PvP in the game, the studio has now also talked about how the game will now have maps exclusively designed for PvP!

In The Division 2, there are two organized PvP modes, and they’re Domination (which is your standard capture point), and Skirmish, which is a 4v4 team deathmatch mode.


Skirmish is returning in The Division 2, but the mode has been reworked to create a more tactical team based experience! In this 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode characterized by short time limits and fast-paced gameplay, each team has a limited numbers of reinforcements. Reinforcements serve as a team life pool that deplete with each respawn. Once a team’s reinforcements deplete, they enter an elimination phase. Once a player is eliminated, they are out of the game.


At the launch of The Division 2, we are excited to introduce our unique take on the classic PVP game mode, Domination. First, the three objectives airdrop into the map shortly after the match begins in order to give teams a chance to fight for control of the objective area before it becomes active. In addition to passively capturing while in position around the objective, players have the ability to active-capture using an interactable on the objectives themselves. Completing this interact will instantly flip the objective to your team, but these actions take time. Players are severely exposed while performing these actions, so expect high-risk/high-reward situations in Domination.

Ubisoft will be employing match-changing “boosts,” which will affect the outcome of organized PvP matches if used correctly. Boosts will be available in both game modes, and pre-placed supply crates that reward random team bonus when activated.

Regarding maps, for the first time, Ubisoft will feature The Division 2 maps designed exclusively for PvP!

Maps specifically designed for PVP

For the first time in The Division, Conflict will feature bespoke maps designed specifically for great PVP focused gameplay. These arenas are grounded and inspired by Washington, D.C. but they are not a 1:1 visual representation, as we did not want to sacrifice PVP balance for authenticity. The following arenas were built specifically with PVP in mind:

  • Capitol Ruins – players will compete for control of this forest environment.
  • Stadium – players fight in the urban streets and parking lots outside a baseball stadium.
  • Georgetown – players battle for control over rooftop perches in this residential area covered in yellow powder contaminants.

Ubisoft will also feature skill-based matchmaking in The Division 2’s PvP, which should be a welcome feature.


Matchmaking for organized PVP also occurs in two separate brackets. In one bracket, all players who have not reached World Tier and began end-game are matched together and normalized to the same power level. In the other bracket, all players who have reached World Tier are matched together and normalized to the same World Tier. While normalization is active to reduce the peaks and valleys between players with high survivability and high damage output in organized PVP, minor stat advantages will still be available to players who put the hours into their builds. While balancing is a factor to take in account when crafting a build, remember that build choices are still unique and offer a variety of gameplay options.

Skill-based matchmaking, based on many factors such as wins and losses, also plays a role in organized PVP matchmaking. When completing matches, players increase a PVP level that exists separately from Dark Zone and overall character level as well.

Finally, Ubisoft has confirmed that skills in PvE and PvP will be handled differently, as to not screw up the game balance.

Separate Balancing

To wrap things up, we are happy to announce that separate balancing is in effect for PVE and PVP modes. Skills and talents in organized PVP, for example, will have normalized versions that have different statistics than their PVE counterparts. In The Division 2, we want to keep PVP competitive and healthy without negatively impacting players who enjoy PVE.

For more The Division 2 info, check out how the revamped Rogue system works right here.

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