The Division Global Event 2: Assault Modifiers & Exclusive Rewards Detailed

The Division Global Event 2: “Assault” is scheduled to begin October 3, running up until October 10.

Assault includes new modifiers, face masks and classified gear. Players who take part in the event can earn exclusive rewards, and challenge themselves with the new modifiers which effect the amount of damage caused. (I’d recommend bringing a shotgun to this fight!)

Here are the full details:


  • Global Modifier: Assault – Agents inflict stronger close range damage.
  • Activity Modifier: Crucial Assault – Enemies inflict stronger longer range damage
  • Group Modifier: Major Assault – Stick together to deal more damage

Exclusive Rewards

  • 3 New Facemasks
  • 3 New classified Gear sets: Striker – Sentry’s Call – Reclaimer

Will you be claiming names in The Division Global Event 2? Let us know in the comments below.

In other The Division news, be sure to get caught up on what will arrive with update 1.8, which includes a new playable zone, two new game modes and more.

Source: The Division (Official Twitter)

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