The Division Celebrates Second Anniversary by Reaching 20 Million Player Milestone

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There’s a lot that can be said about Ubisoft’s shared world shooter The Division — both good and bad. With the changes Ubisoft has made since launch, most of them have been steps in the right direction.

It seems the changes Ubisoft has made resonated with players as The Division is still going strong even after two years since release, which is almost unheard of when it comes to online multiplayer games.

In a press release, Ubisoft announced that The Division is celebrating its second anniversary, and what’s more, it has now reached the 20-million player milestone since launch! As a way of saying thanks, Ubisoft is planning a month of in-game activities planned, which include four Global Events from March 1-29, with one global event set to roll out per week. Those not familiar with Global Events, it’s a feature in The Division that alters the game experience by adding various modifiers while providing players special cosmetic and gameplay rewards for participating.

Players can tune in to the official Division Twitch channel ( for their Daily gameplay streams and Weekly State of the Game at 8:00am PST for Twitch Drops – in-game rewards for livestream viewers that will run continuously throughout the month of March. Viewers who spend more than 30 minutes (continuous viewership not required) watching the livestream will automatically unlock prizes, as long as players have linked their Ubisoft/Twitch accounts.

Before its launch, Tom Clancy’s The Division broke the record with the largest Beta phases for a new franchise (6.4 million players). At launch, Tom Clancy’s the Division became the fastest-selling new franchise within the gaming industry. Since its launch, the teams released three expansions and nine significant updates that included new gameplay modes, Dark Zone map expansions, new incursions, gameplay rebalancing and quality of life improvements along with a wealth of customization options and live activities. Most recently, Massive studio released Update 1.8 – Resistance in December 2017, which signified a new step forward into making the current version of the game, the best it has even been. Update 1.8 was the biggest free content update so far, doubling player engagement and generating positive feedback amongst the player community. “We are very proud of what we have achieved during these past 2 years. Listening and giving back to the community has always been our first objective and we would like to thank all The Division players for their valuable feedback and their support,” said Julian Gerighty, Creative Director. Today, Tom Clancy’s The Division contains a number of different modes, including multiple PvE activities, two PvP game modes, a heart pumping survival mode, continuous live activities like Global Events and Double Reward Weekends, and much more. All of this, plus Massive team’s dedication to listening to players illustrates perfectly Ubisoft’s commitment and engagement to offer them the most unique experiences.

Are you ready to jump back into the post-apocalyptic New York of The Division? What makes you coming back to the game after two years?

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